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Sangue d'Oro
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My wine, an exceptional soil

All precious, rare, handcrafted things are in small quantities.
Our vineyard is made up of a multitude of terroirs and microclimates. Taking the best, we produce only 5000 bottles a year of the Sangue d'Oro cuvee, nothing more.
This exceptional cuvee comes from soil sectors whose yields are naturally weaker due to their age and exposure.

Sangue d'Oro is the exceptional cuvee coming from low return terrains. Its golden yellow colour gives off a rich and intense scent, marked by notes of candied citrus rinds, ripe apricots, mango.
The palate reveals a velvety and opulent flavour, balanced by a great minerality, the final extends to orange and jasmine blossoms.
Wine to be stored up to 20-30 years.

Olivier Poussier  Carole Bouquet


Sommelier of Le NĂ´tre Maison

What I appreciate first of all is the extraordinary aromatic complexity of Passito di Pantelleria and its ability to reveal a concentrated and suave mouth without ever giving in to excessive sweetness. This concept of balance between sugar, acidity and alcohol, which is of fundamental importance in the harmony of sweet wines, is one of the great assets that the Passito di Pantelleria offers.


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