Olivier Poussier review

The island of Pantelleria is located south of Sicily and across from the Tunisian Cape Bon. In keeping with the traditions of Mediterranean raisining wines, it produces.

A great passito wine.

In a dry climate with volcanic, sparse earth, the Zibbibo grape - a variety of Muscat d’Alexandrie - has established its pedigree since Antiquity. What I appreciate above all is the impressive aromatic complexity of the Moscato Passito Pantelleria and its capacity to reveal a concentrated, suave mouth without ever indulging in excessive softness. This concept of balance between sugar, acidity and alcohol – so important to the harmony of passito wines – is one of the outstanding features of the Passito di Pantelleria.

In 2007 Carole Bouquet crafted a precise, delicate cuvée which marks a turning point in the estate’s wines. With delicious confit notes of bergamot, cinchona and dried apricot, it is imbued above all with a limpid, suave and smooth mouth. The perfect blend of softness and fine length on the palate afford it incredible persistence.

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